Class Action

Harvey Coleman

harvey coleman lawyer

Harvey Coleman has been working for the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman from the firm’s beginning.  Harvey Coleman brings a lifetime of experience in litigation and trial experience.  Harvey Coleman works out of the Virginia office and manages the cases in litigation.

Harvey Coleman is a graduate of Georgetown University law school, one of the top law schools in the country.  He is an active and good standing member of the Virginia bar.

Harvey Coleman has the following focus with his cases:

* Privacy Rights: protecting consumer privacy rights whose personal data whether it be credit card data, medical data, Internet browsing, or email data are leaked, stolen, or sold without the   consumer’s consent.

* Unfair Business Practices: Protecting consumers from unfair and deceptive practices of business to trick consumers into buying a product, up-selling them, or charging more for the item than advertised.

* Telephone Consumer Protection: Stopping telemarketers from sending robocalls, text messages, or recording calls without the consumer’s consent.

*Criminal and traffic offenses

* Product Defects: Helping consumers recover money from companies that sell them a defective product that either does not work or does not work as advertised.