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*Breaking News* Data Breach at Janesville Hospital

**All Patients Admitted in 2013 May Be At Risk**

Class Action

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Breaking News Data Breach of Saint Mary’s Janesville Hospital

Saint Mary’s Janesville Hospital is alerting it’s patients that a laptop was stolen from an employee’s car that contained personal information of more than 600 patiens’ personal information.  Letter are being mailed to those 600 patients whose personal information may have been compromised.

Who May Be Affected

If you were in the emergency department between January 2013 up until August 26, 2013 than your personal information may have been compromised.  Apparently, Saint Mary’s Janesville Hospital will be sending out a letter informing you of this.

What You Can Do

In order to protect your right, you can contact me in the form above.  Saint Mary’s Janesville Hospital has a duty to guard against data breaches.  Contact me now to see how I can help protect you and possibly recover money for their mistake.  Contacting me is risk-free since I am only paid a percentage of whatever I can help you recover.  Contact the form above to speak with me or call (877) 333-9427.


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