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Have Your Bitcoins been Stolen?

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Bithumb Bitcoin Exchange Hacked

We are interested in helping anyone recover Bitcoins that were stolen or hacked from them.

If you had Bitcoins or any other crypto currency stolen from you, our firm will sue the party at fault to help you recover the bitcoins that were stolen or hacked from you.

Bithumb stated that an employee computer was comprised which led to the hack.

Were any of your Bitcoins stolen?

There have been several significant Bitcoin thefts since its inception including the Mt Gox hack and the Bithumb hack most recently. Our firm has been in touch with a number of individuals who have contacted us regarding smaller hacks and theft.

If you have had any of your Bitcoins or cryptocurrency hacked or stolen, contact us immediately so that we can take action for you.  There is no out of pocket cost for our services.

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